The Gamescomposer online.

Version 3.02af+

a Wacko Software production

WARNING! Use of this program may cause your brain to explode!

You just learned how to make games and ran out of game-ideas? Then press the button below for an idea.

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Offensiveness:   0   1   2

The Gamescomposer (TGC) is an online thingy that produces a weird computer game idea by stringing together parts of sentences. It is one of those 'Artificial Insanity' programs.

Help, hints and information about The Gamescomposer can be found by following this link.

To get a new game idea displayed, re-load the page with the game-idea while you are looking at it. This will use the same settings as before.

There is also a version of this program for the Atari ST.
This program was written by Andrei Ellman.
This program is hosted by the Wackonet.

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Last update: Sun 30 Apr 2017